Controller for the Ultrasonic Rat and Rodent Repellent System

Vhfo D Lp 24 V2

Vhfo D Lp 24 V2

Area Coverage

Upto 10000 Sq.Ft. Dedicated Connection &
Upto 12000 Sq.Ft. Looped Connection

No of Transducers

Upto 20 in a Dedicated Connection &
Upto 24 in a Looped Connection

Area Coverage per Transducer in Sq.Ft. in Above False Ceiling / Below False Ceiling / Below False Flooring

500 Sq.Ft. / 500 Sq.Ft./ 500 Sq.Ft.

Modes of Operation

Auto and Manual

Wave Speed / Wave Density / Bands

  • 4 Wave Speeds
  • 4 Wave Densities
  • 4 Frequency Bands of Operation


  • 100% Output Verification with the help of Maser Wave Analyzer Hardware and Software
  • Safety Compliance as per IRPA (International Radiation Protection Association) Geneva.
  • Record and Report 1/3 rd Octave Band Frequencies thereby ensuring human safety as per IRPA Guidelines
  • Record and Report Individual Frequencies alongwith corresponding sound pressure levels.


  • Networkable on RS-485 with support for Hardwired Third Party BMS Integration via Modbus & potential free NO-NC Contacts


  • Seamless Integration with all new Maser CRMS Software for system health monitoring and reporting in pdf format.


  • Transformer Rating : 25 V.A. CE Approved
  • Power Supply : 230 V AC/50 HZ or 14 Volts AC
  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 260 mm x 355 mm x 80 mm
  • Weight : 4.9 Kgs Approximately
  • Mounting : Wall / Table Mounting
  • Power Consuption : 15 Watts Approximately