The Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent System

The system consists of the following



The controller is installed in the main control / server room.



The transducers are installed in the problematic areas i.e. above and below false ceiling and below false flooring.



For connectivity between the controller and transducer



For mounting Controller

CRMS Software

CRMS Software

Enables real time monitoring and reporting of system health.

Testing & Verification Kit

Testing & Verification Kit

Capture, Download, Analyse and Verify the frequency emitting out of the transducer.

How does the Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent System Work?

The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers of the V2 models are within the hearing range of many rodents and cause them pain and discomfort. Sometimes the rodents will leave the area being protected immediately, and at other times it will take as long as four to six weeks before there is a significant reduction in infestation.

Types of surfaces

The area where the machine is installed should have at least three surfaces i.e. ceiling, side walls and floor to have maximum bouncing/reflection of sound waves. Partitions reduce the effective area of the unit. The machine should be directed towards any hard surface for maximum bouncing effect. The reflections of sound waves vary from surface and some examples are given below:

Glass surface

Maximum reflection

Plain walls

80 to 90%

Rough finished walls

60 to 70%

Wooden surface

60 to 70%

Gunny bags/ Corrugated boxes

25 to 30%

Area covered will depend upon the following

  • The interior layout of the place
  • Style/system of the storage
  • The content of storage
  • The cleanliness of the area

Requirements for maximum results

  • Identify the places where there are maximum problems.
  • Check the usual inlets like holes, gaps etc. and if possible plug such inlets which further enhance the effectiveness of the machine. Leave an opening like the door or the window in the area for the pests to escape.
  • The unit must be kept switched ON round the clock. To ensure this, it is suggested to provide a separate electric point so that the unit is not switched OFF at night.
  • To get rid of rodent menace from the full premise, it is important to install the units in the following areas:
    • Above False Ceiling
    • Below False Ceiling ( covering open Areas/workstation areas)
    • Below False Flooring (if any)

Solution Design Process

The Solution Design Process.

Layouts / Information

Clients provide AutoCad Layouts of the site where they intend to install the Rodent Repellent system.


Our inhouse design team design the system considering above false ceiling / below false ceiling / below false flooring.


A BOQ / Design sheet is generated with the model name for estimation.


Proposal with appropriate pricing is sent to the customer for Purchase Order.

Is the system safe for Humans?

Our products are made as per the IRPA(International Radiation Protection Agency), Geneva, guidelines wherein ultrasonic frequencies to which humans can be exposed to 24X7 without any adverse side effects have been prescribed.