Key Features

  • Real Time Graphical Representation of the ultrasonic frequency band spectrum depicting the frequency oscillations within the current band.
  • Facility to generate a consolidated pdf summary report of all controllers or detailed pdf report of an individual controller in real time or in a predefined schedule.
  • Facility to configure controller parameters for all controllers in one go (broadcast) or for an individual controller.
  • Facility to schedule / generate a consolidated Health Status Report of all the controllers and / or an individual controller. This is possible either with the help of the inbuilt scheduler (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Schedules) or in real time.
  • Individual folders for individual Controller reports with the folder name same as the machine id. This folder will contain the Report in PDF format and the PCB image of the corresponding controller. One single folder for the consolidated report. This folder will contain only the report in PDF report and shall depict the status of all controllers.
  • Admin Level password for report generation and scheduling.
  • Test facility to check if the signal is being transmitted to the transducers from the driver on the PCB.
  • Test Facility to test all controllers in a sequential mode or in an individual mode.