About Maser

We are the pioneers in the field of electronic rodent control using ultrasound as a medium under the brand name "MASER" and are in this business for the past 37 years. We are an UL Registered ISO 9001:2015 company. We have thoroughly researched Rodent activities like their behaviour, habitats, adaptations and their effect on the environment before using ultrasound as a tool to combat their menace. Unlike traps and chemicals, our products minimize human contact with disease bearing rodents i.e. no dead rodents to dispose off. They are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children too.

Our mission

We are dedicated to producing superior quality products which are backed by unparalleled customer service and support.

Why Maser

Maser ultrasonic rodent repeller use innovative
Vibron technology wherein rodents are repelled using
non-toxic & non-lethal sound. They do not get killed but are successfully repelled.

We have been continuously doing research directed by our beloved Chairman Dr. T. S. Ramchandran and have made sure that our equipments are strictly made as per the guidelines laid down by international authorities.

Our equipments are made as per the safety standards and threshold limits laid down by

  • American Conference of Governmental and Industrial Hygienist (USA)
  • Canadian Exposure Guidelines for Airborne Ultrasound
  • International Radiation Protection Association (Geneva)
  • World Health Organization (USA)

wherein specific standards for continuous exposure to airborne ultrasound have been prescribed and cleared for use in the environment, without causing any adverse affect whatsoever on humans.

We have strictly adhered to these set guidelines and have also accordingly acquired test certificates from the Institute for Design of Electrical Measuring Instruments, Mumbai.

We are the only manufacturer in India whose equipments

  • Protect many VVIP flights.
  • Have been cleared for use in X-ray, baggage section, computer rooms, etc. at the Airports by the Health Department, and the Engineering Faculty of Air India and ECIL.
  • Have been extensively tested by the Governments and major Institutions like Defence Research Laboratories, C-Dot, BPCL, BARC, Telecommunications, Electricity Boards, NDDB, and CFTRI etc.