Output Verification Kit



Output Verification Kit Details

  • For the purpose of testing our transducers when they are actually emitting ultrasound we have developed an Output Verification Kit that comprises of an Ultrasonic Frequency Recorder and Wave Analyzer Software.
  • The Ultrasonic Frequency Recorder (USFR) is a battery operated hand held device primarily used to record the samples of the ultrasound output coming from our transducers.
  • The Wave Analyzer Software is used to analyze the recorded output samples and do the following:

    1. Identify the product, from which the output is being generated, by displaying the product name.
    2. Identify the frequency band that was in operation at the time the output was recorded.
    Step 2 above validates the authenticity of the output verification kit. As the frequency band is continuously changing you can verify the analysis of the software as it should be in sync with the band that was active on the main controller at the time of recording the output.

    Moreover, this check will also protect you from dubious manufacturers who will claim that they have developed an output verification kit as well. To avoid falling into this trap just ask the OEM to demonstrate the above two steps i.e. Product Identification and Current Band Identification from their Output Verification Kit. Also, to ensure that you are not presented with static output, ask them to repeatedly demonstrate the above.
  • Over and above the points mentioned above the Wave Analyzer Software is Capable of doing the following:

    1. Analyze and Report One Third Octave Ultrasound Band Frequencies emitted from the transducers thereby ensuring HUMAN SAFETY as per IRPA (International Radiation Protection Association, Geneva) Guidelines.

    2. Analyze and Report ultrasound output from the transducer whereby you can record individual frequency peaks along with corresponding sound pressure levels thereby demonstrating complete and thorough ultrasound output verification of the transducers connected to the panel.